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By wearing a fashion rings, you can see a person’s character

Ring, as one of the most popular jewelry, wearing it can not only decorate the fingers, enhance the overall temperament, but also indicate whether you are single, in love or married, and can also express the state you want at the moment, such an important one Jewelry, you can’t wear it. How do you wear your fingers?

Rings suitable for different fingers A fashionable rings worn on the index finger requires a three-dimensional shape. The rings worn on the middle finger requires an atmosphere and a sense of weight, which can give people a more formal and positive feeling. A ring worn on the rings finger for an orthodox look. The rings worn on the little finger is suitable for cute and delicate shape, because the little finger gives a feminine feeling.

In addition, if it is a fat finger, it is more suitable to wear a fashion rings with spiral, wave and other shapes, which visually stretches the length of the finger and makes the finger look slender; if it is a girl with thicker knuckles, then the choice of the ring is To be simple, it is best to make the rings wall wider to make the fingers look more delicate.

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The psychological meaning of different ways of wearing the rings: The rings is worn on different fingers, which can reflect the psychological meaning related to personality. For those who want to wear a ring, but do not want others to misunderstand their marital status, the ring is usually worn on the middle finger. Those who like to wear it on the index finger are independent, confident and stubborn; those who like to wear it on the middle finger are psychologically balanced, have an objective attitude, and advocate a moderate life concept; Another meaning of wearing a rings on the ring finger is that if a woman wears the rings on the ring finger of her left hand, it means that she is about to get married. Some countries wear the wedding rings on the ring finger of the right hand according to their cultural traditions.

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In any case, the ideas are almost the same – Fashion Jewelry the rings, which symbolizes the union of two lovers, should be worn on the finger closest to the heart. Those who like to wear it on the little finger are more literary and artistic.