How can I promise a 5 year guarantee?

It’s easy for me to repair broken bracelets and necklaces because they’re so well-built that they very rarely break!  In fact, if you treat them right, they’ll last a lifetime.

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How is my men’s jewelry so strong?

For my Surfer Jewelry collection, I string the beads on thick, vinyl coated, stainless steel braided wire, the strongest read more

New Men’s Jewelry In Progress

You feel like a million bucks, it’s time to start dressing like it!

I’m making a new Designer Men’s Jewelry line to make it easier for you!

My 3-yr old studio assistant “helping” with the design process!

Why you’ll love these:

  • Waterproof glass beads
  • Thick, stainless steel chain
  • Luxury, designer color schemes
  • Guaranteed against breakage

Designer color schemes:

  • Silver and Turquoise
  • Tortoiseshell and Gold
  • Black and Gold

I was inspired to design a new line because what my customers love most about my men’s jewelry is that it’s rugged and durable, but I knew it could be read more

How To Size a Mens Beaded Necklace

Confidence begins with getting the perfect fit.

Men’s Beaded Necklace Sizes

Beaded necklaces tend to wear tighter than chain necklaces because of their thickness.  Use this sizing guide to find your perfect necklace length for my Surfer Jewelry and Designer Jewelry mens necklace lines.

18″ – This is choker length.  A beaded necklace at this length will read more

Trendsetter: Men’s Initial Rings

You may be or may not be surprised that a growing trend for men’s jewelry styles are initial rings. I’m not talking about the sterling silver Designer style initial ring you’re wearing right now, but initial rings that look almost like a chunky class ring your man got in high school with their read more

Dynamic Men’s Style Ideas

I’ve got some Pinterest eye candy for you!

Dynamic men’s style is more than wearing a blazer with jeans and a funky t-shirt.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about men’s fashion when I started making jewelry for guys.  But, I know how to combine patterns, colors and texture into incredibly aesthetic works of art.  My appreciation for men’s fashion trends came later.

True style is the outer expression of our ever-evolving inner lives.

Don’t get me wrong, selvedge jeans with a blazer read more

Men’s Bracelets Can Be Macho Stylish

Eve’s Addiction isn’t just about women’s jewelry fashion! We also have lots of men’s jewelry that have proven to be a hot trend with our steady increase in sales, especially with men’s bracelets!

I highly recommend you check out or Mens Bracelets department for all our latest styles. There’s read more

Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Are you shopping for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, husband, or good guy friend? Is he stylish and enjoys wearing fashionable jewelry to accessorize his look? Have you taken a minute to check out our great collection of Mens Jewelry that can make a great Valentines Day gift? If read more

Men’s Shell Jewelry Sale

Today through Wednesday ONLY

10% off + free worldwide shipping
on Men’s Shell Jewelry
use coupon code:  SUMMER

It’s almost time for the 4th of July, which means a long weekend on the beach and dinner parties on the terrace.   The perfect excuse for a new shell necklace!  

Use the coupon code SUMMER at checkout for 10% off plus free worldwide shipping now through Wednesday.  (Guaranteed delivery within read more

Sweetest Day 2012

Sweetest Day 2012 is October 20!

Sweetest Day is a special day to celebrate the people who make your life special. How will you let those in your life know they are special to you?! *Hint – Jewelry is a really good way ?

Learn more about what Sweetest Day is here: and read more