Dynamic Men’s Style Ideas

I’ve got some Pinterest eye candy for you!

Dynamic men’s style is more than wearing a blazer with jeans and a funky t-shirt.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about men’s fashion when I started making jewelry for guys.  But, I know how to combine patterns, colors and texture into incredibly aesthetic works of art.  My appreciation for men’s fashion trends came later.

True style is the outer expression of our ever-evolving inner lives.

Don’t get me wrong, selvedge jeans with a blazer and Buy Me Brunch t-shirt puts you many style-miles ahead of the average guy, but as we’re always working to find our true selves, so we are always working to define our true style.

My Weekend Men’s Style board on Pinterest has 3,000+ awesome outfits to help you on your journey.  Click here to follow my board and pump up your fashion sense.  Let’s get Pinning!

Wishing you a week full of weekends on the beach,