Heavy Round Jerusalem Medallion Necklace with Psalms Microfilm

925 Sterling Silver
Diameter of Pendant:
0.9″ / 23 mm

King David’s Book of Psalms has for millenia been recognized as a unique segula (charm, treasure, power) for the Jewish people. With this unique sterling silver necklace, you can experience the segula every moment of every day.

The front of the pendant is a substantial sterling silver medallion engraved with an Old Jerusalem scene, a Star of David, and the Hebrew word Tehillim (Psalms). Inside the Star of David is the Hebrew letter Heh, which stands for Hashem’s name.

To the back of the pendant is attached a microfilm copy of the entire Book of Psalms, covered with a double opaque covering to prevent any desecration. This is the ultimate gift for anyone – man or woman – who could use some segula in their lives!