New Men’s Jewelry In Progress

You feel like a million bucks, it’s time to start dressing like it!

I’m making a new Designer Men’s Jewelry line to make it easier for you!

New mens jewelry in progress by Authentic Men
New mens jewelry in progress by Authentic Men

My 3-yr old studio assistant “helping” with the design process!

Why you’ll love these:

  • Waterproof glass beads
  • Thick, stainless steel chain
  • Luxury, designer color schemes
  • Guaranteed against breakage

Designer color schemes:

  • Silver and Turquoise
  • Tortoiseshell and Gold
  • Black and Gold

I was inspired to design a new line because what my customers love most about my men’s jewelry is that it’s rugged and durable, but I knew it could be even more durable!

I wanted to develop a men’s jewelry line that was absolutely waterproof and that would last a lifetime.

I began researching Dione beads that were so popular a couple of decades ago.  They were made from large-holed glass beads added one at a time (like charm bracelets, each bead commemorating a special event or with some special meaning to the wearer) and strung on a thick omega chain.

Apparently this trend isn’t popular anymore because I can find almost no info about it ever existing, but, amazingly, the Dione beads are still around because my bead supplier sells them!  Now, most of the beads for Dione bracelets are large, grotesque, flowery things that only a rich widow vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard would wear.

But I found these thin, simple glass beads.

They’re the same size as the beads in my already popular Surfer Jewelry line.  But, unlike the natural materials in my Surfer Jewelry line, these glass beads won’t swell or react with water or be eroded by the chemicals in your favorite shampoo.  Some of these glass beads are coated with metallic finishes (which I love!) and I’m still testing whether these can hold up to the chlorine in a swimming pool because the thick, stainless steel omega chain I found for this new line definitely will!

Yes, you can wear this men’s jewelry in the shower AND it comes with a 5-year chain-repair guarantee!

You break it, I fix it.  🙂  See details of my jewelry guarantee here.

But, the best part of this men’s jewelry is the designer color schemes.

I love that these necklaces and bracelets are waterproof and so durable, but it’s the designer colors of this men’s jewelry line that make them really stand out.  When I planned out the colors and purchased my first shipment of beads, I had a plan for the exact color schemes and bead combinations I would use.  So easy!  Until the beads arrived.

As I laid the beads out on my design board, they fell short of the visions of luxury I’d had in my head.  So, I started playing with the colors and moving them around.  I did this for hours.  Hours.

Finally I decided on these three color combos to start with and in these exact proportions.  (Add a bead here, remove a bead there.  Seriously, I did this for hours!)  In the near future, I’m going to add in some dark silver/hematite colors to my growing Designer Jewelry line, but for now, I’ll launch the line with these designer color schemes:  tortoiseshell and gold, black and gold, silver and turquoise.  Classics, every one.

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